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Labeled Diagram  Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K PPSPG

Switching-Off Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K

Switching-On Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K 

Labeled Diagram for  SNCS300 and SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-on Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-off Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for DC Power

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for AC Power 

Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern, also called Solar Lamp or Solar Light is a portable lighting system composed of LED bulbs, solar panel, battery and battery charger. In some cases, the solar panel is permanently attached to the body of the lantern, while in other cases the solar panel is separated from body of the Lantern.  

Our Variety of Solar Lantern

The Solar Lanterns with the following trade names were and are still the most popular on the global market: Kirchner Solar Lantern, Sun King and D.Light

In current time SunKing and D.Light Solar Lanterns emerges the most popular due to its low cost and smart features.   

   Sunking Solar Lantern                                                       D.Light Solar Lantern           


How it Works 

The Solar panel is placed outdoor where natural Sunlight can see it during day time. The solar panel harvests energy from the Sun and charges the battery, that is located inside the solar lantern. Then, the charged battery powers the LED bulbs on the Lantern. 


Solar Lantern is affordable energy solution that replaces the traditional Kerosene Lantern. Unlike kerosene lantern that is non-eco-friendly and carcinogenic (meaning that it produces fume or pollution that causes cancer in human). Solar lantern smartly lights up your space such as home, office, class room with high light output efficiency. Solar lantern is a sustainable source of light, ecofriendly, very efficient and easy to use. Apart from simply lighting up of your space, solar lanterns are of multipurpose function, having additional features. Some Solar Lanterns come with inbuilt FM and AM radio tuner, smart phone charger and even a connector to power table fan.

Kerosene Health Impact

The fume from kerosene causes

-  Chronic pulmonary dieses (bronchitis)
    W.H.O reports 1 out of 5 children who inhaled kerosene fumes from birth dies, and 

    that 50% burn victims in Nigeria results from kerosene misuse 

Environmental Impact:

-  Huge emission of CO2 (green house gas) at rate of 100 – 150million tons per year globally

-  Kero burning contributes to global warming

Economic Impact:

-  Increasing cost of kerosene

-  Shortage of supply


Transportation of Purchased Items of Goods:

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