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Labeled Diagram  Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K PPSPG

Switching-Off Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K

Switching-On Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K 

Labeled Diagram for  SNCS300 and SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-on Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-off Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for DC Power

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for AC Power 


Part I: Introduction

Part II:        Policies

2.1        General Policy overview

Our policies are designed to create a safe and fair environment for all Suchnetcom Solar members (includes suppliers, buyers, special customers and general visitors of our website). Learning what's allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable, trustworthy members.

To run a great business, we, the seller (Suchnetcom Solar) work hard to ensure smooth and professional transactions with our buyers. This includes setting buyer expectations and meeting those expectations.

Some of the most basic things we do as a seller are to ensure provision of accurate and consistent details about your item and to be clear and specific about the terms and conditions of the sale. You should also make every effort to provide excellent customer service from start to finish, including:

·          Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs

·          Specifying your handling time and return policy in your listing

·          Responding to buyers' inquiries promptly

·          Being professional throughout the transaction

·          Making sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing

·          Frequently reviewing and updating listings to make sure all information—such as inventory status and item condition—is accurate and up to date

To help meet the Suchnetcom Solar performance standards, we've outlined the basic requirements all users need to meet. Be sure to follow the guidelines in this policy to help us server you better. If you don't, we may be obliged to decline doing business with you.

2.2        Prohibited and restricted items

All items not belonging to wireless communications and renewable solar energy categories are not our focus technology products and therefore shall not be qualified for listing onour site at Notwithstanding the limitations set up herein, brief advertisement shall be allowed for item categories relating to our focused technology products excluding the following prohibited and restricted items: Read Appendix 6.2

2.3        In a listing, Suchnetcom Solar members

· Can't encourage or enable others to infringe copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of third parties.

· Can't improperly use Suchnetcom Solar intellectual property including use of the Suchnetcom Solar name or logo and linking to the Suchnetcom Solar website.

· Can't include authenticity disclaimers or deny responsibility for the items offered in their listings.

· Can't use someone else's picture or item description without their permission. If you believe someone else is using your photos or text without your permission, report it to us.

2.4        Reporting listing violations

Intellectual property owners could report listings that infringe their intellectual property rights. It is in Suchnetcom Solar interest to ensure that infringing items are removed from the site, as they erode the trust of our buyers and good Suppliers.

2.5        Return of Item(s) of Goods

Suppliers are required to specify their return policy in their listings.

We encourage Suppliers to accept returns—it helps increase buyer satisfaction.

2.6        Privacy Policy

Suchnetcom Solar values your privacy and appreciates your trust in us. This Privacy Policy explains how we use, share and protect the personally identifiable information that we collect about you and the choices you have. This Privacy Policy applies to all visitors to By visiting or using our Website, you agree to this Privacy Policy. Please get details on Our “Privacy and Security” links.

In addition to our responsibility to secure and make proper use of your privacy, we do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We use your information only as described in the Suchnetcom Solar Privacy Policy. We view protection of users' privacy as a very important community principle. We store and process your information on computers located in the United States that are protected by physical as well as technological security devices and software. You can instruct us to modify the information you provided us and choose not to receive certain communications we send to your registered email account. We use third parties to verify and certify our privacy principles. For a complete description of how we use and protect your personal information, see the Suchnetcom SolarPrivacy and Security section 2.6.1. If you object to your information being transferred or used in this way please do not use our services.

2.6.1     Privacy and Security

Our website is hosted by Vista Print Inc. located at 95 Hayden Avenue Lexington Lexington, Massachusetts 02421, United States of America. Suchnetcom Solar privacy and security largely depend on our hosting partners. So, you are directed to carefully read the information in the following web-link:

2.6.2     Changes to this Privacy Policy

Our privacy Policy shall be revised from time to time and shall be posted the revised copy on our website and changing the last modified date at the top of the Privacy Policy. If we make significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify that the Privacy Policy has changed on the main page of the Website. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it frequently.

2.7        Warranty Policy (and Explanations!)

2.7.1 Policy overview

If your items are listed on Suchnetcom Solar site that are valued at more than NGN5,000 and you include either a written warranty or a service contract with the items, you need to include one of the following in the item description:

·          The full text of the written warranty

·          A statement explaining how to get a free copy of the written warranty upon written request

·          A link to a page with the warranty details.

2.7.2     Guarantees or warranties

When buying goods and services, we are all used to being told that what we’ve bought is covered by a ‘guarantee’ or ‘warranty’. But what does this mean, and what benefit can we expect to receive if we have to make a claim for faulty goods or shoddy workmanship?

2.7.3     What is a guarantee?

A guarantee is most often issued by the manufacturer of goods such as electrical equipment, or by a company that has provided a service, such as replacement windows. It is normally provided free of charge at the time you buy the goods or services.

2.7.4     What is a warranty?

A warranty provides the same sort of cover that a guarantee does, but often you have to pay extra for it – for example, many electrical stores offer a warranty for cover against the cost of repairs and replacement parts for up to five years after purchase. Effectively, these sorts of warranties are insurance policies, issued by and underwritten by insurance companies. Just to confuse matters, these can sometimes be known as ‘extended guarantees’ or ‘extended warranties’!

2.7.5     What legal protection do I get with warranties and guarantees?

As both are contracts, warranties and guarantees give you the right to make a legal claim against the person issuing them (guarantees are contracts. Refer to the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002). This means that if the manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty or guarantee, you can consider a law suite to force them to meet their promises. You need to follow certain procedures before you do this. To get further help read the following link of the Consumer Rights Advocacy League(CRAL) or telephone or send an email. Contact details are below here: Website: Telephone Main + 2341 4938187, GSM +2341 8033245977. Email:

However, it is important to remember that both warranties and guarantees are in addition to your statutory rights under either the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) or the supply of goods and services Act 1982 (as amended).

2.7.6     What are my rights?

Under the Trade Practices Act, when a consumer purchases good or service certain conditions and warranties are implied into the transaction. These statutory conditions and warranties provide consumers with a basic level of protection for goods and services they purchase.

2.7.7     How am I protected?

Services under the statutory warranty provisions of the Trade Practices Act, services must be carried out with due care and skill. There is also an implied warranty that any materials used in connection with the services will be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied. If you make known to the service provider the purpose or result that you want the services to achieve, there is an implied warranty that the services will be fit for that purpose. But as a consumer you also have a responsibility to ensure that you have made it clear to the service provider what you want done.

2.7.8     Goods

Under the Act the consumer is entitled to expect to enjoy quiet possession of the goods and to own the goods outright, subject to lawful restrictions made known the consumer before purchase.

As a consumer, goods that you purchase must:

  • Be of merchantable quality – goods have to meet a basic level of quality and performance given the price and description of the goods.
  • Be fit for the purpose – goods must do the job you made clear to the supplier you wanted them to do or that are implied from the circumstances in which you purchased the goods.
  • Match the description or sample given to you before purchase, whether through a catalogue, labeling, packaging, on a website or in person.

2.8        Remedy or appropriate action

If you believe that one of these conditions or warranties has not been met, you have a choice of possible actions that may be available depending on the circumstances. If you find you have a problem with goods or services, you should stop using the goods and approach the seller or the service provider as soon as possible to explain the fault or problem. You can also explain your preferred remedy to the situation or problem, taking into account that the Act is not designed to protect consumers who are careless or unreasonable in their demands. You may want to ask the service provider to repeat the service, or pay for the service to be repeated. You may want to ask that the goods be repaired or replaced or pursue a refund. Sellers are not required to provide you with a refund if you have simply changed your mind or you find a similar or the same item more cheaply elsewhere.

2.9        Voluntary Warranty

Sometimes businesses provide a voluntary warranty. As examples, you may be offered a three-year warranty for a car, or a one-year for a refrigerator. These are provided voluntarily by the seller and generally provide a higher level of customer service when problems arise after the sale. The trade practices Act does not require any business to provide a voluntary warranty. However, sellers are legally obliged to stand – by their voluntary warranties, once put in place.

The general rule is that if promises are made, they must be kept.

What the CRAL (Consumer Rights Advocacy League) can’t do about warranties are refunds.

The CRAL cannot take an action against any corporation for a breach of the conditions and warranties implied into consumer transactions by the Trade Practices Act. This means that you, as the consumer, must negotiate with the seller or service provider or, when necessary, pursue legal action on your own behalf.

2.10      How to Get Help?

3.4.1     Try to resolve the issue with the trader yourself.

3.4.2     Put your complaint in writing. Outline the date of purchase, your problem and preferred remedy.

3.4.3     If this doesn’t produce a satisfactory result and your complaint involves a local business, you can

contact our office or relevant regulatory body such as, NCC, Consumer Protection Council, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and NAFDAC.

These are government agencies responsible for state consumer protection and they may be able to provide you with further help.


With any guarantee or warranty, you should never just assume the level of cover. It is essential that you read the terms and conditions at the time they are given to you, so that you can challenge any offer you don’t like, or try to negotiate better cover. As it is, the warranty company is probably entitled to rely on this exclusion clause. Don’t forget, however, that you still have a contract with the dealer. Click the following link to get more help:

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