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Labeled Diagram  Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K PPSPG

Switching-Off Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K

Switching-On Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K 

Labeled Diagram for  SNCS300 and SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-on Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-off Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for DC Power

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for AC Power 

Hybrid Solar Power Generation Station (HSPGS) Powering Streetlights 

Suchnetcom Solar Ltd introduces her innovative ‘Hybrid Solar Power Generation Station (HSPGS) for powering of streetlights’.


To provide room for converting traditional streetlights from its fossil energy source  to renewable solar power source. 

To help safe materials from wastage and eliminate unnecessary cost.

Although ‘HSPGS’ can be used for general application, it is however designed for the specific application, being the transformation of the traditional types of streetlights to solar run load. The traditional streetlights are known to be powered by diesel generator or utility supply, whereas renewable solar streetlights get their power source from natural Sunlight.

Safe Material and Cost

In most cases, dilapidated traditional streetlights are completely scrapped off to give way for standalone solar streetlight installation, without considering the dismounting cost of materials like armored cables, lamp poles and luminaires. With the advent of ‘HSPGS’ replacement, it is no longer the case.


The innovative ‘Hybrid Solar Power Generation Station (HSPGS)’ replaces fossil power source such as diesel generator that was previously used in powering streetlights. There will be no need to unearth the armored cables or dismount the poles and light fittings. All the existing materials and components will remain as originally installed. The only addition is the replacement of the power source from fossil fuel (example: diesel generator) to the renewable 'HSPGS’. There will be no change of interconnecting wires. All interconnection wires are intact. 


There are 2 standard categories of the 'HSPGS' powered streetlights namely, HSPGS-1K-1C2L and HSPGS-1K-2C2L

The HSPGS-1K-1C2L  category is specifically to meet the design need of a  Single carriage-Double lane road on total distance of 1000 meters (that is 3280 feet); with 33 pieces of lighting poles spread across the 1000 meter distance with column spacing of 30 meters; and 33 units of luminaires individually mounted on each lighting pole. 


The HSPGS-1K-2C2L category is specifically to meet the design need of a Double carriage-Double lane road on total distance of 1000 meters (that is 3280 feet); with 33 pieces of lighting poles spread across the 1000 meter distance with column spacing of 30 meters; and 66 units of luminaires that is mounted in pair on each lighting pole.  

Model Category: HSPGS-1K-1C2L

HSPGS (Hybrid Solar Power Generation Station)

HSPGS (hybrid solar power generation station) is a renewable solar power source designed to supply a row of streetlights spanning across 1 kilometer (1000 meters) distance. The HSPGS station, by default, is a sizable and well treated specially built structure of size 160 Square meters (1,722 Square feet), which is thereabout, one-quarter of size of a plot of land. This station contains electronically controlled ventilating and extractor fans to ensure internal cooling. The Station also has an integrated solar energy box and battery bank, with the solar panels installed at roof top of the Station. The HSPGS station has self monitoring devices to prevent both technical fault and facility security. This means that the Station power unit automatically trips off once electrical fault is detected, while the facility monitoring device stays active and will send a feedback text message or video file to the administrator(s) of the facility. This implies that no shift staffing team is needed at the site, except for routine maintenance purposes.​        

Integrated Solar Energy Box (SEB)

An integrated Solar Energy Box (SEB) is inbuilt with the HSPGS along with LifePO4 battery for storage of electric current. A sizable bank of lithium (LifePO4) battery is attached to the external connector to the light-on duration of the Streetlight from 6pm to 6am daily. 

The inbuilt Solar Energy Box provides system charging flexibility, meaning that utility 230V / 50Hz alternating (AC) power line can be connected to the HSPGS input AC connector to charge the battery bank. The transition time for switching from solar generated power to utility power is 20 microseconds (that is, 0.02 seconds), so unnoticeable to human naked eyes. 

 The Solar Energy Box also (SEP) has AC Output connector to link power to load, being the row of streetlights spanning over a distance of 1000 meters. 

Wires routing from solar panels are linked to the SEB external solar panel connector.

Front part of the SEB box hosts various control switching units, signal monitors and indicators. The control switching units are used for isolating the input AC (alternating current) from utility grid, output AC to load,  input DC (direct current) from solar panel and output DC form battery bank. While the signal monitors and indicators help to communicate the outside world the level of voltage, current, frequency and temperature at every given time.  

Model Category: HSPGS-1K-2C2L

Title:                                              HSPGS Powering a Row of Streetlights

Road Distance:                                     1 Km (1000 meters = 3280 feet)

Number of Light fitting:                       33 units of Luminaire

Total Light fitting Power Rating:         3300 Watts

Number of Street Pole:                        33 units

Light Fitting Power Rating Per Pole:   100 Watt LED

Light Daily Run Time:                          12 hours

Power Source:                                      Hybrid Solar Power Station

Inbuilt Energy Storage Type:               Lithium (LifePo4), Or Gel battery

Space Required For Solar Panel:          9 meters x 10 meters

Installation Location:                          Any

Design Lifespan:                                  25 years

OEM Warranty: 2 years

Designer and Consultants:                  Suchnetcom Solar Ltd, Nigeria


HSPGS can be installed in a safe residential location, or any accessible location not too far from the load supply entry point.    

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