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Labeled Diagram  Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K PPSPG

Switching-Off Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K

Switching-On Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K 

Labeled Diagram for  SNCS300 and SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-on Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-off Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for DC Power

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for AC Power 

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 All-in-One Solar Streetlight - Sun Point Brand

DACEN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a designer and supplier of unique solar powered all-in-one LED street lights, under the 'SUN POINT' brand of products.

Dacen Sun Point®: 'Sun Point' is a brand name of all-in-one solar streetlights, under Dacen International Ltd.

Why All-In-One Solar Powered LED Street Light: Unlike traditional solar street lights that feature panels, batteries, charge controller, fixtures and accessories that are wired together, the new generation All-In-One Solar Street Light integrates the solar panel, LED source, PIR motion sensor, die casting cap, and angle shifter into the pole itself.

Models: Sun Point solar streetlight is currently available in 3 distinct plug and play models, namely 50 watt, 60W and 100W compact LED solar luminaires.

SunPoint Solar All-In-One Streetlight Version 1

SunPoint Solar All-In-One Streetlight: SUN POINT brand is best for illumination classes S5 and S6, which is excellent for lighting cyclists and pedestrians on footpaths, cycle paths, residential roads...

Advantage of All-In-One Solar LED Street Light: Major reason for its more popularity is due to its compact design. The lithium battery and solar controller are built inside of light fixture, and solar panel is attached on the top of fixture. It is very easy to be installed at any places as long as there is sunshine path. It is a great option to use all-in-one solar street light to illuminate places where access to utility electricity is limited. Hence, no or less civil engineering works are required since digging of ditches is completed eliminated and of course no running of underground cables is necessary. Normally there is inbuilt motion sensor, which helps to save power consumption. All-in-one solar street light is very suitable in countries or regions of the World where there is plenty of sunshine all over the year, such as Africa, South America, part of Asian continent and Middle East countries.

General Merits: In accordance to EN13201 requirements standard, the SUN POINT brand is best for illumination classes S5 and S6, which is excellent for lighting cyclists and pedestrians on footpaths, cycle paths, residential roads, pedestrian streets, parking areas, rural community and modern urban space as well as protected monumental structures, etc. The unique operating system guarantees flawless function for several nights even during the worst weather.

Sun Point all-in-one solar street light has an inbuilt PIR motion sensing security feature that automatically regulates the LED light output from full brightness to a lower level depending upon the detection of movement around the light. This characteristic of gradual drop of light intensity preserves battery power and also serves to enhance community security by deterring unsocial activity that may occur late at night and early in the morning where Sun Point all-in-one solar street light is installed.

Lesser Cost Of Installation: It is much less expensive to install an all-in-one solar powered street light than a traditional street light (split unit solar street light). Compared to the price of all-in-one solar street lights, split type solar street lights are 40 to 60 percent more expensive.

Compact Design: The Sun Point design and technology application is driven by our desire to eliminate the need for bulky external batteries and solar panels to achieve All-in-One Solar Powered Street Light.

Minimize Damage and Theft: By locating directly on the light fixture and placing the battery within, the risk of damage, theft or tempering is greatly reduced. There are no wires in the street pole, which means that the wire itself cannot be stolen and sold for scrap.

Infrared (PIR) Motion sensor: Infrared motion sensor detects heat source movement. Our all-in-one solar street lights incorporate infrared sensors, which have a 120-degree working angle and can detect a squat cone space under the lights, thereby saving battery energy.

Ruggedized Technology: Requires less maintenance and reduced parts replacement due to initially incorporating higher quality components.

Insect Swarms: The solar powered street light uses LED lighting which does not produce infrared light and therefore will not attract insects.

Improved Safety: The Solar powered street light does not require connection to electrical grid. It therefore makes it safer and easier to install. In the event of a power outage, the light remains on. This reduces the chance of accidents and the constant light deters theft and vandalism.

Flexibility in Use:

The solar powered street light can be used in any location. Since no electrical grid is required, it can be installed on buildings, in parking lots, in remote locations simply by hanging it on a pole.

Faster Installation: All-in-one solar street lights are pretty easy to install. Its solar panel, LED lamp, battery, smart sensor, and controller are stored conveniently in one box. We can set them up on new or old poles, and even on walls. This alternative is cheaper and takes less time to install.

Ease of Maintenance: All-in-one solar street lights usually just require customers to send the whole integrated solar lamp to the factory for maintenance. This makes it easier and more convenient for users than its counterpart (the split unit solar street light).

Dacen Sun Point® is a registered trade mark of pvinergy, used under permission of pvinergy technology.

All rights reserved       

Technical Data

Solar panel: Max power - 18V 80W; Module - mono crystalline; Life time - 25 years

Battery: Type - Lithium battery 36Ah; Lifespan – 5 to 6 years; Working time – 3 to 5 raining days

LED Lamp: Max power - 50W (with motion sensor); Lifespan - more than 50000 hours (6 yrs); LED chip - Bridgelux with high brightness from United States; Beam Angle – 120 deg Celsius

General Specifications

Charge time: 5 to 6 hours by Sun

Discharge time: More than 30 hrs in saving power mode

Working temp: (-20°C ~ +60°C)

Colour temp: 6500k ~ 7300k 

Mounting height:  7 to 8m

Space between 2 lights: 18 to 20m

Enclosure material: Aluminium alloy

Certificate: CE / ROHS / IP65


Product size (l*w*h): 1144*450*140 mm/ctns.

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