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Suchnetcom Solar LTD

ASGPOO Isolation Switch

(Automatic Solar-Grid Power OFF-ON Isolator Switch)

Functional Description: ASGPOO Isolation Unit does three basic functions:

Automatic isolation of all high power consuming loads if utility mains supply experiences blackout (loads such as air-condition, water heater, cooker unit, water pump, etc)

Sounds a low audio alarm to signal when utility mains supply goes off (experiences a blackout)

This is to remind the consumer when to unplug their electric iron or turn-off any heavy load connected to a

socket point, allowing solar batteries to run only light loads such as lighting bulbs, fans, televisions,

fridges, computer units, phones, music sets, etc. Note: battery energy will be drained, if high power loads

are allowed to run when utility supply blackout occurs

3. Switches-on a signal lamp/audio alarm to indicate when utility mains supply comes-on

Brief Technical Description:

- Switching Contact Current Capacity Range (SCCCR): 60 Amp, 100 Amp, 200 Amp, 400 Amp

- Switching type: Contactor, or Solid-State switching

- Supply type: Single Phase 230V, 50-60Hz

- Delay timer

- Power-on/off signal lamp

- Power-on/off sound alarm

- Sound alarm arm/disarm push button

- Environment temperature -5°C to 55°C

- Weight Range: 300g to 4Kg

- Physical size: (l x w x h)mm depends on the SCCC (switching contact current capacity)

Product Integrity Tests

From February 2016, ASGPOO Isolation Unit has been running under real-time test in an 8-bedroom flat in Portharcourt - Nigeria