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Labeled Diagram  Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K PPSPG

Switching-Off Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K

Switching-On Procedure for Model SNCS1.5K to SNCS10K 

Labeled Diagram for  SNCS300 and SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-on Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Switching-off Procedure for Model SNCS300 to SNCS500 PPSPG

300 Watt solar energy box

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for DC Power

Transient Volatge Surge Suppressor (TVSS) - for AC Power 

 PV Solar Skill Training                         Covid-19 Updates

Skill Training - PV Solar Installation: For more inquiry, kindly contact us at or call (+234) 08171968872

Hybrid solar genewration station powered streetlightsd

Suchnetcom Solar Ltd introduces her innovative ‘Hybrid Solar Power Generation Station (HSPGS) for powering of streetlights’.


To provide room for conversion of traditional streetlights from its fossil energy source to renewable solar power model. 

To help safe materials from waste and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Click here to get details on hspgs streetlights! 

300W,    500W 1.5KVA,    2.5KVA,    3.5KVA,    5KVA,     7.5KVA   and    10KVA  

Plug-and-Play Solar Power Generator

Our new Plug-and-Play Solar Power Generator (PPSG) is an innovative solar power product that was designed and manufactured by Suchnetcom Solar Ltd, Nigeria. This new brand line is in 8 different power capacities and models, namely SNCS300, SNCS500, SNCS1.5K, SNCS2.5K, SNCS3.5K, SNCS5K, SNCS7.5K and SNCS10K.

Our first release, 3.5KVA/1.8KW, was commissioned at our customer site in Imo and States, Nigeria. 

This solar power generator was brought into being with the following objectives:

- Makes solar compact

- Easy to use

- Easy to Install

- Reduced web of wires

- Improve power system safety

- Ascertain best quality

- Shun quack engineering

- Reduce overall system cost

- Reduce installation cost

- Easy to upgrade

Plug and Play Solar Power Generator

Past solar projects compilation video clip

Our Services:

Our SOLAR WATER HEATING System installation department is managed using a unique quality management system designed to consistently deliver quality installations.

After-sales service is one of the most important aspects when deciding which solar water heating company to choose. Our service department is quality controlled, making sure you are not left in the cold.

Commissioned Projects

20KVA/12.5 kilowatt peak Solar Power System By Suchnetcom Solar Ltd

Solar Project 20KVA inverter / 12.5 Kilowatt peak power of solar panel array installed at Ezi-Umunya Village, Umunya Town in Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria.

SNSN Ltd Commissioned Solar & Datalink Communications Projects 2015 - 2016 in Nigeria

20KVA 100% offgrid Solar-Inverter-Battery Power Installation at Umunya in Anambra State of Nigeria. System Capacity: 10.5KW Solar panel / 20KW Power Inverter Unit / 64.5KWh Battery Bank. Outputs: -...

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20KVA 100% offgrid Solar Power System for residential compound with multiple blocks of building

Project Site: Umunya, Anambra State, Nigeria

100% off-grid 20KVA Solar-Inverter-Battery Power Installation at Umunya in . System capacity:

solar panel / 20 power inverter unit / 64.5 battery bank.

Power Output to Loads:

- 2 x 230 Volts, 50 Hertz supplying home loads

- 2 x 48Volts, 10 Amperes supplying unit at solar peak hours on a sunny day.

Power Control House located in a remotely built room within the residential compound. between Power House and the farthest connected load within the compound is 200m apart from the inverter unit.

This system is with ASGPOO (Automatic Solar-Grid Power Off/On) Isolation Unit. The ASGPOO Isolation unit does three basic functions:

a) Automatic isolation of all high-power-consuming loads when utility power mains supply goes off;

b) Sounds a low audio alarm to signal when mains supply goes off. The objective is to help user know when to unplug their electric iron, so as to allow solar battery to run only the lighting loads. Note: battery energy will be drained, if high-power loads are hooked-on to run for long;

c) The Unit switches-on a signal lamp that indicates when mains supply comes-on. In addition, the Solar-Home-System is integrated with an Automatic 3-Phase Line selector, that accepts 3-phase at its input delivering single-phase to output loads. Furthermore, the system has a giant Power Stabilizer at the supply mains. Practically, voltage levels between 165 volts to 285 volts from utility power mains line is stabilized to 220V at 50Hz.

Hybrid Solar Power System powering 5 ATM machines, 5 CCTV cameras, server room, 10 computer user terminals, group of signage and perimeter fence lights installed for a renowned bank in Abuja-Nigeria. This system operates on 2 pure sine wave inverter units - unit1 serves as master inverter, while unit2 is the slave inverter. The energy storage unit comprises a battery bank of Exide technology, that's robust in performance and has a lifespan of up to 15 years. System can operate either in Standalone Solar mode or Hybrid mode

 Benefits of Solar Energy

The awareness of the need to preserve our ecosystem is increasingly acceptable and consumers are switching over to energy & cost saving products for greater convenience, health economic benefits.

Not only that you deserve the ease and comfort to control your target device, appliance or machines be it in your office, home, but also that your Health and Safety are vitally important. 

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